What are the steps to use the emulsifier(2)

- Feb 26, 2021-

4. Generally, it is only necessary to enter the material into the TRL1 pipeline equipment through the high self-weight, and the feed must be continuously input to keep the material with good fluidity. When the fluidity of the material is poor, when the viscosity is ≧4000CP, the inlet of the SRH pipeline equipment should be equipped with a transfer pump, and the pumping pressure is 0.3Mpa. The choice of pump should be a colloid pump (cam rotor pump) and the like, whose flow matches the flow range of the selected pipeline emulsifier. (Should be greater than the minimum flow value, less than the maximum flow value)

   5. It is strictly forbidden for metal shavings or hard and difficult-to-break debris to enter the working cavity to avoid destructive damage to the working stator, rotor and equipment.

   6. Once the nanoemulsifier has abnormal sound or other failures during operation, it should be shut down immediately for inspection, and then run again after the failure is eliminated. Clean the working chamber, stator and rotor after shutdown.

  7. For example, the process chamber can be equipped with an additional insulation layer to cool or heat the material. When starting the machine, turn on the coolant or heat transfer oil. The working pressure of the insulation interlayer is ≤0.2Mpa. When processing temperature requirements (such as asphalt), it must be heated or cooled to normal working temperature, cranked, and turned on.