What are the types of load cells?(2)

- Mar 26, 2021-

3, resistance strain chip sensor and resistance strain gauge according to the special adhesive bonding closely on the substrate, when the matrix stress produces deformation, strain gauge deformation, thus make the resistance changes of strain gauge, the huis bridge, resistance can be converted to electrical signals, thus completed the process will force changes to electrical signals.

4, electromagnetic force balance type sensor, electromagnetic force balance type sensor weighing process according to the ampere force to achieve.

The gravity direction of the balance plate and the wire itself is downward, while the current wire will be subjected to upward electromagnetic force. When the current value of the wire reaches a certain value, the two forces balance each other, and the sensor will be in equilibrium at this time.

5, hydraulic type sensor, hydraulic type sensor using hydraulic oil pressure is proportional to the weight of the measured object (mass), only need to measure the increase value of hydraulic oil pressure, you can obtain the mass of the measured object.