What are the types of load cells?(3)

- Apr 02, 2021-

6, capacitive sensor, capacitive sensor is a kind of measured mechanical quantity, such as pressure, displacement, etc., converted into capacitance changes of the sensor.

The sensitive component of the capacitor generally consists of two parallel electrodes filled with air between the electrodes.

7, magnetic pole change form sensor, magnetic pole change form sensor ferromagnetic element mechanical deformation under the action of the gravity of the measured object, internal stress and cause changes in magnetic permeability, so that around the ferromagnetic element (magnetic pole) on both sides of the secondary coil induced voltage also changes.

By measuring the change in voltage, we can find the force applied to the magnetic poles and thus determine the mass of the object being measured.

8, electric sensor, photoelectric sensor including grating type and code plate type two.

The basic working principle of the grating sensor is to convert the angular displacement of Moire fringe formed by the grating into photoelectric signal.

The photocell receives the optical signal through the code plate and turns it into electrical signal, which is processed by the circuit and obtained the measurement result.

What are the types of load cells?

After reading the introduction of this article, I believe you can also have a clearer understanding of the type of weighing sensor!

Whether it is industrial weighing, or family weighing, weighing sensors are showing a large number of market demand, and a large number of market demand will also drive the development of weighing sensors.