what do vacuum emulsifier do

- Mar 12, 2021-

Emulsifier equipment refers to the equipment used for high speed cutting, dispersing and mixing materials.

Emulsifier is mainly used for some of the fluid material mixing, pay, emulsification, mixing, dispersion and other processes;

In the process of high speed relative rotation of spindle and rotor, strong shear force is generated, so that the material is fully mixed and broken!

Vacuum removes bubbles during mixing.

Working principle of emulsifier equipment: the material is preheated and stirred in water and tin oil first, and then directly inhaled into the homogenizing pot through the conveying pipe under the vacuum state.

Material in homogeneous pot through the pot to cluster the mixing four ethylene oxide scraper (sweep scraper always cater to pot body, hanging wall sticking material), continuously produce new interface, repass box agitator and its reverse mixing blade cut, compressed, folded, the stirring, mixing and flows downward to the bottom of the pot body homogenizer, again produced by high speed rotating between rotor and stator of strong shearing, impact, turbulence and other process materials in the shear joint cutting, and quickly broken into 200 nm ~ 2 um particles.

Material granulation, emulsification, mixing, blending and dispersing can be completed in a short time.

Because the homogenizing pot is in a vacuum state, the bubbles generated in the stirring process of the material are removed in time.

After the end of homogenization, raise the pot cover and press the dump button switch to make the material in the pot discharge to the container outside the pot (or open the bottom valve and pressure valve for direct discharge).

The heating temperature of the homogenizing pot is displayed by the temperature controller on the control panel.

Homogeneous stirring and blade stirring can be used separately;

It can also be used simultaneously;

The length of the homogenized mixing time is controlled by the user according to the different properties of the material and can be adjusted by the control panel.

After the work can open the cleaning ball valve to clean the pot body.