What equipment is needed for cosmetics production

- Jan 11, 2021-

Guangzhou Jutao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of complete sets of equipment for daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The company's main products are RO reverse osmosis water treatment series, vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine series, homogenizing mixer series, paste bottle filling machine, paste bag filling machine, sealing filling machine, labeling machine, spray code A complete set of equipment for the production and packaging of washing machine and washing powder.

In recent years, in order to reduce the residual air in the dead corner of the bottle during filling, a container and nozzle have been developed to rotate at the same time, which can be filled at one time. It is suitable for all containers and is most suitable for the filling of anchor-type bottles that are prone to bubbles. There are many types of cosmetic filling equipment, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The factories producing cosmetics produce a lot of varieties, and the shapes of containers are different. It is ideal to choose multiple, low-priced, and simple-structured models. Each model has Several varieties can be efficiently produced, so this choice may be the most economical.

1. Paste filling equipment

(1) Paste filling equipment includes: small semi-automatic paste filling machine, container rotary paste filling machine, container and filling nozzle rotary filling machine, metal tube filling machine, plastic tube filling machine, composite Tube filling machine, paste machine defoaming filling machine, computer universal pattern filling machine and filling line, and paste automatic filling production line.

(2) The automatic paste filling production line includes: automatically send the bottle from the turntable to the filling machine head, spray codes during the transportation process, and print the production batch number and date; after automatic quantitative filling, the paste is scraped with a special plastic roller Surface; cover paper is automatically attached, capping is automatically completed, and transported away by conveyor belt. The filling capacity ranges from 5-60ml or 50~500ml, etc.; the filling capacity can reach up to 60 pcs/min (mechanical capacity, depending on the nature of the paste and the shape of the container)

2. Liquid filling equipment includes semi-automatic piston filling machine, semi-automatic vacuum liquid filling machine, automatic liquid filling production line, high-speed electronic filling machine and automatic high-speed filling line. In recent years, the development of liquid filling equipment is mainly reflected in the greatly improved degree of automation, complete sets of production lines and high speed.

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