what is the advantage of external circulation

- Jul 31, 2020-

With the development of industrial automation intelligentize, for China's machinery manufacturing industry continuously upgrade transformation requirements are put forward. Especially the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics production equipment for the requirement of the intelligent and automatic moving more and more is also high, especially in work efficiency, if there is a new kind of external circulation vacuum emulsifying machine can improve the working efficiency of 40%, home will be interested in.


Use plain words, just do a pan of material in the original, ordinary cosmetics emulsifying machine, could do 1 hour, but the outer loop vacuum mulser, just as long as 0.6 hours (36 minutes), save the 0.4 hours, 24 minutes. In the case of production is bigger, a pot of material can save 40% of the time, for improving production efficiency, is very considerable.