What is the significance of vacuum for the products produced by emulsifiing homogenizer?

- Aug 31, 2020-

Emulsifying machine is the cosmetics industry of the cosmetics production equipment, especially to do high-grade cream, emulsion need ultrafine particles emulsifying dispersive products, the ideal choice of vacuum emulsifying machine.
What is the difference between vacuum and non-vacuum emulsifying homogenizer mixer?
So let's talk about the role of vacuum in the emulsifying homogenizer mixer.

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Traditional cosmetics emulsifier equipment is no vacuum function, make cosmetics cream products, the quality is relatively poor, with the development of cosmetics technology needs, vacuum is applied in cosmetics emulsifying homogenizer equipment.
In the production of cosmetics, the air in the emulsifying pot will allow bubbles to be incorporated into the cosmetic ingredients.
The introduction and application of vacuum pump can draw out the air and make the emulsifying pot form a vacuum state, so that the emulsifying stirring in the emulsifying pot is carried out in a vacuum state, without bubbles, which greatly improves the quality of cosmetics.

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In the preparation of cosmetic creams and lotions, we can make rational use of vacuum conditions to make the appearance of the prepared creams more delicate, smooth and clean.
Vacuum emulsifying homogenizer tank has the following positive significance for the preparation of cosmetic creams, lotions and other products:
The vacuum emulsifying homogenizer tank is a perfect emulsifying equipment, which is suitable for the production of cosmetics cream and emulsion.
Vacuum emulsifying agitator can reduce the bubble of cream and emulsion to the lowest degree and increase the surface finish of cream.
By stirring in a vacuum, creams and lotions reduce contact with the air and the oxidation process;
The purpose of vacuum emulsifying mixer is to avoid contamination of bacteria by sterilizing air when discharging.