What machines and equipments are needed to produce cosmetics?

- Apr 24, 2020-

What machines and equipments are needed to produce cosmetics?

Cosmetics market analysis

With the improvement of consumers' awareness of skin care, the cosmetics retail market has been growing steadily in recent years, with a global increase in demand as well.Retail sales in China alone are expected to reach $423 billion by 2019, with a steady annual growth rate of around 8%.The industry growth will continue, domestic brands are rising, the market size still has a stable growth space, cosmetics, baby products, men's care and other categories of market share will increase in the next five years.


Many people see the opportunity of the cosmetics market and want to take this market express. Jutao also often encounters such customers who have not been exposed to the cosmetics production before, even their own formulation process is not available, or the original part of the pharmaceutical production transformation want to invest in the cosmetics production, Jutao can help you solve.

What machines and equipment are needed to produce cosmetics?Different cosmetics production, different materials, equipment design will be different, this can communicate with the manufacturer for customized production.Generally speaking, a cosmetics production line will often need water treatment, homogenizer, emulsifier, storage tank, filling machine, screw cap, label, code spraying machine.No matter what kind of situation you are, you can find jutao, 18 years of cosmetics equipment manufacturers, advanced technical team and many years of rich experience in design and production, yikai professionals can provide professional answers to all kinds of questions for you!

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