What should be paid attention to when heating and cooling the vacuum emulsifying pot?

- Aug 17, 2020-

The vacuum emulsification pot is a comprehensive reaction production process. Such a machine is mainly composed of several parts, such as the main pot, pretreatment pot, electrical control, and vacuum pump hydraulic pressure. The structure adopts concentric double shafts. The agitator and shear of the machine can be

Independent operation, good effects of well products; advanced electrical control to ensure stable performance and reliability; the use of a fully enclosed vacuum system prevents the entry of magazines and ensures product quality problems; there are no dead ends inside, especially those For high viscosity materials, a wall scraper device is installed on the mixer.

The vacuum emulsifier adopts electric heating or steam heating. Generally, there are more customers who use electric heating. The electric heating is a temperature control system composed of a temperature sensor heating medium layer and a heat insulation layer, which can easily and conveniently control the temperature without additional heating equipment, which can greatly reduce heating costs. . When the medium layer is heated, different mediums can be selected according to the processing temperature of different materials. Commonly used are: water, heat transfer oil, etc. Let's take a look at the contents that need to be paid attention to when heating and cooling:

1. Pay attention to the following when heating the vacuum emulsifier:

The pot body is heated by water bath type electric heating, and the heating is heated by the electric heating rod in the interlayer through the heating medium. Generally, water is used as the heating medium. Fill the jacket with water before heating (the exhaust port is full of water, and the medium will overflow due to expansion during the first heating). Note: The exhaust hole should be kept unobstructed. The exhaust hole must not be installed with a valve or blocked, and The exhaust hole needs to be led to a safe place with a hard pipe to avoid injury. Then the inner pot can be heated after adding materials. (Note: If the jacket is heated with water, you should always add water to avoid burning the electric heater after the jacket's water is dried). (Specifically coordinate with the production process requirements).

2. When cooling the vacuum emulsification pot, pay attention to:

The cooling of the vacuum emulsification pot generally uses tap water as the cooling water source (users with conditions can use cooling water to cool the effect better). Open the water inlet valve and the water outlet valve, grasp the activation degree of the water inlet and outlet valves to control the cooling water temperature, and control the cooling speed.

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