When the interlayer water oil medium heating does not meet the requirements of emulsifying machine, how to solve?

- Aug 15, 2020-

Generally highest in cosmetic cream production temperature generally only need to be heated to 85 degrees, food processing, some west sauce belongs to cold process need not be heated, ointment preparation production general heating temperature and the temperature of the water and oil medium can achieve, so in general, vacuum mulser interlayer water bath, oil bath heating or steam heating, basic can meet most of the products in the production of temperature requirements.


However, there are also some special materials, such as some chemical products, or some special/special drugs/products, which need to be heated to a temperature that cannot be reached even by heating the sandwich oil bath of emulsifier equipment. How to solve this situation?
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Generally speaking, the use of external heating temperature control equipment is a more commonly used method, is also a more common method, details, welcome to consult!