Where does the diversity of cosmetic production machinery equipment reflect

- Jun 12, 2020-

           Where does the diversity of cosmetic production machinery equipment reflect

    Cosmetics is an indispensable part of people's life, especially for female friends, and now more and more male compatriots have joined the camp of using cosmetics.We all know that cosmetics are a relatively knowledge-intensive fine chemical product.Its cosmetics production equipment is not as large, diverse, complex as the production of general chemical products, but cosmetics machinery equipment compared to the general equipment, its non-standard is still relatively strong.


      In general, the production technology of cosmetics on the required functionality are universal, such as: vacuum deaeration, homogeneous shear, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing, heating, cooling, etc., these functions can produce different types of cosmetics, such as cream, lotion, gel, clay-based plaster, foundation, etc., so the cosmetics production equipment, such as vacuum emulsifying machine, high shear emulsifying machine, stainless steel mixing tank such as the mixing equipment has the versatility, they are can produce a variety of cosmetics products.And the function of this kind of cosmetics equipment is also applicable to the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry in some products mixing, so the versatility is still very strong.

     Of course, different emulsifying mixer equipment required by the equipment parameters of the industry, requirements of hygiene, there is a big difference, homogeneous emulsifying mixer equipment according to the production demands of different industries, design a variety of standard template, and a variety of specifications, can satisfy the production requirements of the application of industry, widely used in the production and research and development of medium enterprises at home and abroad!