White latex production equipment and supporting equipment

- Jul 10, 2020-

            White Latex Production Equipment and Supporting Equipment

According to the above process, the preparation of white latex needs to deal with dispersion, emulsification, stirring, heating, reaction and cooling.
Due to the single function of traditional equipment, the preparation of white latex products requires many equipment, such as emulsifying tank, stainless steel stirring tank, cooling system and so on.
With the development of mixing and stirring equipment manufacturing technology, the use of functional integration of equipment can be a machine to complete the processing of a variety of white latex raw materials.
The emulsification reactor equipment developed by JUTAO, with flexible and customized modular design, can complete all the production processes of feeding, stirring, dispersing, emulsifying, heating, polymerization, cooling, filtering and discharging before packaging.
At the same time of saving equipment investment cost, workshop space, labor cost and energy cost, the production process can also improve the quality of latex products.
There are a variety of types of emulsifying reactor equipment, according to the size of the output has different specifications and parameters to choose, according to the needs of the project can be selected: stainless steel material, vacuum system, platform, operating system, emulsifying tank lifting system, dumping function.