Why not choose a second-hand emulsifier?

- Oct 26, 2020-

In order to reduce costs, many new companies or small companies often choose second-hand vacuum emulsifiers to put into production, so as to reduce the cost and pressure of the company. But this is a very risky behavior, and it will bring direct economic losses and risks to the enterprise. Let’s take a look at the reasons for refusing to choose a second-hand vacuum emulsifier.

Reason 1: Second-hand vacuum emulsifiers are used by others, their working life is greatly reduced, and the year of purchase is difficult to distinguish, and the remaining service life cannot be estimated

Reason 2: The second-hand vacuum emulsifier has been used by others and often has various problems, and it also brings a lot of maintenance pressure.

Reason 3: Most of the second-hand vacuum emulsifiers on the market have experienced large and small problems. It is difficult for a non-professional engineer to distinguish the problems that have occurred in the equipment.

Reason 4: When there is a problem with the second-hand vacuum emulsifier, it takes a certain amount of time to inspect and repair, which seriously misses the production date and causes pressure on the enterprise

Reason 5: There is basically no after-sales service.

Therefore, choosing a second-hand vacuum emulsifier is not as good as choosing a brand new one, which is more secure and inexpensive.

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