Working elements for cosmetic cream mixing equipment

- Feb 05, 2021-

After the materials in the water pot and oil pot are heated and mixed, the mterials are sucked into the emulsifying pot by the vacuum pump, through the middle( Fixed) sitrrer and teflon scrapers residues stirrer in the emulsifying pot that sweep the residues on the wall of the vessel, so make the produces of wiped off become the new interface constantly, then the balde cut off, compress, fold roudn, mixing and running to the homogenizer, according to the high shear wheel and the cutting case to strong cutting off, impatct, without rules mobility, etc. The material by cutting in the cut interstics and turn to a particle of 200nm-2um prompt, because the emulfiying pot is under vacuum state, the bubble that the supplier produce in the course of mixing is taken away in time!

cosmetic cream mixing equipment