Working principle and recovery processing of pneumatic filling machine

- May 26, 2020-

Working principle and troubleshooting of pneumatic filling machine


The working principle of the pneumatic filling machine is: the piston in the material cylinder is driven to reciprocate by the back and forth movement of the cylinder, so that the front cavity of the material cylinder generates negative pressure.

When the cylinder moves forward, the piston is pulled backward, and the negative pressure is generated in the front cavity of the cylinder. The material in the feed barrel of the pneumatic filling machine is pressed into the feed pipe by atmospheric pressure, and enters the feed pipe through the check valve for feeding and discharging.

When the cylinder moves backward, it pushes the piston forward and squeezes the material. The material enters the discharge hose through the discharge check valve, and finally enters the empty bottle to be filled through the filling head (the filling head is closed during feeding and opened when discharging) to complete one filling.

The pneumatic filling machine is a mechanical single simple action for each filling, so it has high filling accuracy and stability for each regular container.

One: filling volume is not allowed

    When filling large sizes, the hopper has insufficient refilling, resulting in unstable liquid level. You can increase the refilling amount or re-close the air valve above the cylinder, reset the filling time (extend the filling time) to slow down the filling Speed to ease.

Two: The liquid level of the filling machine is stable, and the filling volume is inaccurate

    There are debris blocking the filling channel, mainly at the entrance of the hopper or in the filling nozzle, just check and clean it.

Three: There is dripping after the pneumatic filling machine is closed

If this kind of failure occurs, it may be that the mouth of the filling nozzle is damaged. You can take out the filling mouth and trim it. After fixing the filling mouth, gently smooth the filling mouth on the sanding paper. Another possibility of the heat shrink packaging machine is filling. If the seal ring in the mounting head is damaged, you need to replace the seal ring.