Working principle of emulsifying machine

- Dec 04, 2020-

After the material is initially mixed and dispersed by heating and stirring in the pre-treatment tank, the negative pressure suction emulsifying tank is formed by vacuum pump.

In the emulsifying tank, through the combined action of scraper agitator and high shear homogenizer, the material is quickly broken into 200nm~2um of micro liquid droplets through complex comprehensive processes such as agitation, shearing, impact and compression, thus forming a stable emulsion state.

In this process, the wall scraper made of PTFE can always fit the surface of the tank, and quickly clean the wall, so that the material body and the tank wall constantly form a new wall, improve the heat exchange efficiency while ensuring the uniformity of the high viscosity material body in the tank.

At the same time, the high vacuum system equipped with the equipment can quickly extract the air generated in the preparation process, avoid the oxidation or pollution caused by the presence of bubbles in the finished material, and the debubbling material has more luster and ductility.

emulsifying working principle