Labeling machine for round and square bottles

This labeling machine for round and square bottles is basically satisfied for all kinds of products that have label requirements,especially used for small volume and multi-species of products labeling.It can greatly improve labeling production and reduce the cost of equipment investment.
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Product Details

This labeling machine for round and square bottles improves the efficiency of product labeling and film attaching, with accurate attaching positions, good quality, and high stability; avoiding manual labeling, low film efficiency, skewed attaching, blistering and wrinkles, irregular attaching positions, etc. Series of problems; effectively reduce product costs, improve the aesthetics of product logos, and enhance product competitiveness.

Techncial parameter



Labeling speed

1-30m/min (Adjustable)

Labeling accuracy


Label roll inner diameter


Max label roll outer diameter


Label max width


Power supply

220V / 50Hz, 1500W


2500 x 1400 x 1300mm



Performance and features of Labeling machine for round and square bottles

  1.  This labeling machine for round and square bottles has smooth labeling, no wrinkles, no bubbles, good labeling accuracy, high efficiency and good stability;

  2. The labeling machine for round and square bottles uses a flexible topping mechanism and guide mechanism, mechanical adjustment part of the structured combination and ingenious design of label winding, 6 degrees of freedom of labeling position is easy to fine-tune, making the conversion adjustment and label winding between different products simple, save time.

  3. This machine mainly uses SUS304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy (sandblasting and anodizing) materials.

whole set labeling machine


High-quality motors and drives

A labeling machine usually includes many motors, such as conveyor motor, labeling head motor, label covering motor, bottle separation motor, bottle top pressure system motor, bottle positioning and rolling motor, etc.


Steplessly adjust production capacity according to the specifications and functions of bottles and label paper.


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