Dual-side Labeling Machine

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The Dual-side Labeling Machine is mainly used for single and double side sticker labeling.  For single sided labeling and double sided labeling is for choose, onesingle set machine can achieve single or double sided labeling.

Technical parameter

Model JT
Production capacity(bottle/min) 40-100bottles/min
Standard label speed(m/min) ≤50
Suitable product Square or flat bottles
Label accuracy ±1mm
Applicable label specification Glassine paper, transparent or opaque
Dimension(mm) 3000(L) × 1450(W) × 1680(H) (mm)
Label roll(inside)(mm) 76mm
Label roll(outside)(mm) £300mm
Weight(kg) 280kg
Power(w) 3KW
Voltage 220V/380V,50/60HZ,single/three phase
Relative temperature 1 ~ 50 ℃


1. This dual-side labeling machine can be suitable for square /oval flat bottles at the same time.

2. The dual-side labeling machine features simple structure and operation, attaching accuracy ,reliable property, small power and no noise.

3. The dual-side labeling machine adopts mature PLC control system to ensure the stable running in high speed; Touch screen makes easy reading and excellent looking. More than 10 groups of labeling parameters saved, makes setting rapidly.bottles at the same time.

4. Labeling is performed smoothly with no creases with the use of elastic cotton idler wheel;

5. Automatic photoelectric detection functions including canceling labeling without objects there and stopping running or raising an alarm without labels to use to avoid omitting or wasting labels.

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