Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

The flat bottle labeling machine is suitable for food, pharmaceutical,cosmetic, daily chemical care products etc. It is easy to operate and with good quality, strong stability, high accuracy, good performance, long service life.
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The description of flat bottle labeling machine

    1.This semi-automatic bottle labeling machine suitable for different size of adhesive label or on all kinds of flat  bottles and flat surface container to self-adhesive labeling. It is used in PET bottle,Plastic bottle,Glass bottle,Metal bottle.Widely used in cosmetics, Beverage, Foodstuff, Food, Medical industries. Rapidly raise the production efficiency and the label quality.

    2.It can also connect to production lines according to customer's requirements.

    3.Touch screen operation, a truly human-machine communication system is easy to learn and simple to manage.

    4.Good labeling quality, high speed, no air bubble, compact body, easy to maintenance.

    5. Labeling head upward and downward ,front and behind can be adjusted ,and satisfying the nends of different objects. 

    6. Flat bottle label sticker machine is for various kinds of products labeling, there is a large adjustable range for the bottle and lid.

Technical parameter


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