Automatic sticker applicator machine

Our automatic sticker applicator machine is high stability, controlled by PLC and photoelectric sensor, stable performance, support 7*24h work continuously.

Product Details

Automatic sticker applicator machine is suitable for round/flat/square/oval bottles, sticking 1 label, 2 labels, 2 sides, or wrap labeling whole circle. Also suitable for square box, sticking 2 sides or coner labels. And according to your demands to customize. it can add code printer/UV printer/Laser Printer and connect filling line.

Technical parameter

Size of Machine2200(L)×1100(W)×1300(H)mm
Labeling Speed20-200 bottles/min (Depends on the size of label and bottle)
Height of Product 30-280mm 
Diameter of Product30-150mm
Height of Label15-140mm
 Length of Label25-300mm
Accuracy of Labeling±1mm (excluding the error of bottle and label)
Inside diameter of Label roller76mm
Outside diameter of Label roller320mm

PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES of Automatic sticker applicator machine

1. Double Sides and singal labeling efficiently

2. The labeling machine is suitable for round bottle with wrap label.
3. Automatic sticker applicator machine is suitable for a wide scope, such as cylindrical, flat, square and rectangle bottle etc. 
4. The automatic sticker applicator machine system easy to operation.
5. Automatic sticker applicator machine with variable Speed with stepless motor.
6. Automatic sticker applicator machine with stainless steel Frame.

transition adjustment

Transition adjustment

Receive products from the assembly line and make certain adjustments to the conveyor belt.

electric control box

Electric control box 

In the center of the labeling machine motor, various controllers and PLCs are arranged.

collection board

product collection board

The product collection board provides a certain buffer area after labeling, which can collect certain products.

labeling machine


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