self adhesive sticker labeling machine

This self adhesive sticker labeling machine is widely suitable for foodstuff, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries. It is single and double side labeling for flat, square and round bottles. Automatic controlled by computer easy operating. No bottle no labeling. It can change specifications easily. It adopts servo motor, achieved closed loop control low malfunction rate. High efficiency. Fast speed.

Product Details

The self adhesive sticker labeling machine is designed for flat, square and other irregular surface and curved bottle body to ensure the accuracy and effect of labeling. Applicable to the simultaneous labeling of the upper and lower sides of regular rectangular and square objects. The following two labels can be applied at one time, such as the upper and lower labels of the products. All system control components of this series of self-adhesive labeling machines have passed strict factory inspection and testing to ensure that each function is stable and reliable.


Technical parameter

Model / technical parameters


Labeling speed (pcs/min)


(related to material and label size)

Labeling accuracy(mm)


Label size(mm)

(L)20-280mm   (H)30-144mm

Material size (mm)

 Φ20-φ100mm  (H)40-200mm

Roll inside(mm)


Roll outer diameter(mm)


Machine size (mm)


Power supply

AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1500W

PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES of self adhesive sticker labeling machine

(1) Control system:  American AB brand PLC control system, with high stable operation and extremely low failure rate to make the self adhesive sticker labeling machine more stable.

(2) Operation system: touch screen, directly visual interface easy operation ,with Chinese and English two kinds language, also rich with the help of the function and fault display function to make the operator drive the self adhesive sticker labeling machine more easily.

(3) Check system:  The self adhesive sticker labeling machine with check label sensor, automatic check label station, stable and convenient don't have much higher requirement for the worker.

(4) Send label system: The self adhesive sticker labeling machine with labeling engine control system, stable with high speed.

(5) Alarm function: such as label spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working which make the whole self adhesive sticker labeling machine with more secure.

(6) Machine Material:The self adhesive sticker labeling machine and spare parts all use material S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust.

(7) Labeling way : use the servo send label system to send label on product surface.

(8) Low voltage circuit all use the German Schneider brand.

operation system

PLC operating system

Color touch screen, direct visual interface, easy operation in Chinese and English.

detection system

Detection Systems  

Using well-known label sensors that are sensitive to labels and products to ensure high-precision and stable label performance.

bottle separation

Automatic bottle separation device

With automatic bottle separation function, the bottles are separated one by one.

whole set labeling machine


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