Automatic Labeling Machine For Ampoule Bottles

The automatic labeling machine for ampoule Bottles for ampoule bottles with high accuracy and high speed ,which widely use in pharmaceutical,beverage,food, cosmetic,medicine, daily chemical ,cultural goods and other industries. It’s suitale for various kinds of bottles types and other products,for example:small round bottle.

Product Details

The automatic labeling machine for ampoule Bottles are electromechanical integration products, with simple and reasonable structure, which can automatically flatten the self-adhesive labels. The whole roll is pasted on the bottle body. In case of lack of bottle, the control system of the automatic labeling machine for ampoule Bottles guarantees that no label is sent out, which effectively prevents label waste. The production capacity can be adjusted steplessly according to the specifications and characteristics of bottles and labels.


Technical parameter

Applicable Product size

Product Diameter: 10 - 36mm

Product Hight: 25-80 mm

Applicable outer diameter of label roll:φ280mm
Applicable inner diameter of label rollφ76mm
Labeling precision± 1 mm
Labeling speed60 ~ 180 pcs/min
Weightabout 230 kg
Power1020 W/1470 W Depend on motor
Overall dimensions of the machine (L × W × H):about 2060 mm × 600mm × 1460 mm

PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES of Automatic Labeling Machine For Ampoule Bottles

1) Alarm function of the automatic labeling machine for ampoule Bottles: Such as label spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working. 
2) Machine Material of the automatic labeling machine for ampoule Bottles: Anodized senior aluminum alloy, with high corrosion resistance and never rust. 
3) Labeling way of the automatic labeling machine for ampoule Bottles: Use the servo send label system to send label on product surface.
4) High labeling quality, has fixing position of product and label go wrong to correct. 
5) Good overlapping at head and tail of labels, no scrape, no air bubble, improve labeling quality. 
6) Easy adjustment, every function shift by one button. Different product's label be shifted easy and fast, improve efficiency. 

7) The automatic labeling machine for ampoule Bottles adopts horizontal transmission and horizontal labeling method to increase the stability and increase the labeling efficiency.

bottles feeding

Bottles feeding

This is automatic bottles feeding, with bottles separating, and the bottles mould can be customized.

bottles sensor

Bottles sensor

Bottles detected and send sign to the control system, then to start labeling.

control panel

Control panel

Touch screen control panel with emergency stop.

whole set machines



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