Labeling Machine For Bottle

Product Details

The labeling machine for bottle suits for the industry of pharmacy, foodstuff, daily chemicals, cosmetics and culture products. The labeling machine for bottle used PLC programmable control, photo electricity detection label-sending, has high production efficiency, accurate and reliable label-sticking, convenient operation and wide suitability.


Technical parameter

Power supplyAC220V,50HZ,1200W
Labeling capacity60m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Lable max. height205mm
Overrall measurementL2000 W1200 H1500mm
Lable paper core's inn.dia.


Lable ext.dia.Φ350mm

Siemens PLC touch screen, powerful, color touch screen control, Chinese and English optional operating interface, convenient and intuitive, powerful data memory function, can store multiple groups of labeling parameters, with production counting function,power saving function. Production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient production management, different product labeling switch one key to achieve, without repeated debugging, simple and fast; And has the perfect fault prompt and the help function.

touch screen panel

 Feeding label part: when the label comes out, the label will be sticked on the bottle. And the waste paper will be taken back to the round axis.

feeding label

Positioning system: fix the bottle, position the label, make sure the label is firmly attached to the bottle. When the label comes, the label can be attached to the bottle smoothly. And the waste paper and label can be separated smoothly. During the whole process, there will no bubbles, wrinkle on the label.

Labeling method 1, sponge belt

sponge belt

Labeling method 2, cylinder positioning

cylinder positioning

Adjust the speed of conveyor belt

adjust the conveyor speed


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