Automatic round bottle labeler machine

Labeling is performed smoothly with no creases, automatic photoelectric detection functions including canceling labeling without objects there and stopping running or raising an alarm without labels to use to avoid omitting or wasting labels

Product Details

Full-automatic round bottle labeler machine with humanized touch screen: simple and intuitive operation, complete functions, rich online assistance function, wide application range, only simple adjustments can be used to label round bottles. The automatic round bottle labeler machine can choose the special detection electric eye for transparent label to improve the detection accuracy. It can also be equipped with a coding machine and other configurations, which can complete coding and labeling simultaneously, and can warn the status of the printing equipment. It can be used alone or Meet on-line use.


Technical parameter

Driving MoldGerman Avery
Capacity (Pcs/min)(20-200pcs) Depends on bottle and label size
Label materialAdhesive sticker, transparent or opaque
Suitable label sizeWidth:15-160mm Length:15-300mm
Suitable bottle sizecan customized
Inner diameter of label roll76 mm
Outer diameter of label roll350 mm(max)
Operating directionleft or right
Labeling accuracy±1.0 mm
Machine size1800Lx800Wx1600H mm

Performance and features

1. Automatic round bottle labeler machine adopts mature PLC control system technology, make the whole machine stable and high-speed.

2. Automatic round bottle labeler machine adopts touch screen control system, make operation simple, practical and efficient.

3. Automatic round bottle labeler machine with advanced pneumatic code system technology, make the printed letter clear, fast and stable.

4. Wide application, adapted to various sizes of round or flat bottles.

5. Roll extrusion bottle, so the labels attached more solid.

6. Production line is for optional , also turntable is optional for collecting, sorting and packaging.

bottle separator

Bottle separator

The bottle separator can control the bottle conveying speed by adjusting the separator speed and the operation is simple and convenient.

electrical parts

World famous brand electrical parts.

handle wheel

The fixing board fix and turn around bottles to stick labels accurately on bottles.

whole set round bottles labeling machine


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