Wet Glue Labeling Machine

The Wet Glue Labeling Machine is suitable for labeling the circumference and semi-circle of unstable cylindrical objects. It adopts horizontal conveying and horizontal labeling methods to increase stability and improve labeling efficiency. Optional coding machine or inkjet printer to the labeling head can be printed on the label of production date, batch number and inkjet bar code and other information.

Product Details

The bottle separating wheel separates the wet glue bottles and puts them on the conveyor belt. The sensor detects the wet glue bottles passing and sends a signal back to the labeling control system. The control system controls the corresponding motor to send out the label at the appropriate position and attach it to the wet glue bottles to be labeled. Flowing through the labeling device, the labeling belt drives the wet glue bottles to rotate, the label is rolled over, and the action of attaching a label is completed.

Techinical parameter

Labeling speed80-150bottle/min 
Labeling accuracy±0.5mm
Machine size1240*910*1030mm 
Label sizeWidth 10-160mm,Length10-550mm
Label typesmall bottles/tube/ampuoule /vial/injection
Control systemPLC

Performance and features

1. The Wet Glue Labeling Machine adopt horizontal labeling method to comprehensively label round bottles and small taper bottles in full and half directions;

2. The labeling efficiency is up to 200 bottles / min, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources;

3. The labeling speed, conveying speed and bottle splitting speed can realize stepless speed regulation, which is convenient for production personnel to adjust according to actual needs;

4. The Wet Glue Labeling Machine has automatic bottle separation function, which is realized by the bottle separation wheel, and the bottle separation is safe and efficient; the production of bottles with different diameters can be produced by simply replacing the bottle separation wheel;

5. The labeling has high positioning accuracy, good stability, flat labeling, no wrinkles and no bubbles;

6. The structured combination of mechanical adjustment part and the clever design of label winding. The 6-degree-of-freedom fine adjustment of labeling position is convenient (which can be completely fixed after adjustment), making the conversion between different products and label winding simple and time-saving.

bottles feeder

Bottles feeder

Automatic labeling with containers is used for feeding bottle feeding, with high work efficiency and saving labor and space. Fast labeling speed, suitable for medium and mass production.

famous motor

Famous motor

The well-known motor driver is used in conjunction with the whole machine to ensure a stable and reliable label feed speed.

automatic photoelectric detection function

Automatic photoelectric detection function

such as canceling tags without objects, stopping operation or issuing an alarm without tags, so as to avoid missing tags or wasting tags.

whole set labeling machine


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