Horizontal Labeling Machine For Ampoule

It applies to labeling of various bottles including round bottles, flat bottles, square bottles. It can realize single side sticker labeling and double sticker labeling which distance between two stickers can be adjusted flexibly; It has optional circumference positioning detection device, realize the specified position labeling.

Product Details

Horizontal labeling machine for ampoule is widely used in the industry of medicine, daily chemicals and cosmetics, food and beverage etc, capable for labeling various square flat-side bottles.

Techncial parameter



Labeling speed

1-30m/min (Adjustable)

Labeling accuracy


Label roll inner diameter


Max label roll outer diameter


Label max width


Power supply

220V / 50Hz, 1500W


2500 x 1400 x 1300mm



PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES of Horizontal labeling machine for ampoule

1. TheLabeling Machine Adopts mature PLC control system technology, make the whole machine stable and high-speed
2. The Labeling Machine Uses touch screen control system, make operation simple, practical and efficient
3. Upgraded butterfly labeling station design, can be applied for conical bottle labeling
4.Screw adjust the suppression mechanism, high accuracy
5. Synchronization chain mechanism, to ensure smooth and precise calibration

6. Transparent sticker labeling without foam,adhesive sticker labeling without wrinkle 

7. Widely used and mutil-function with high flexibility

bottles holder

Vial bottles holder

Bottle-separating feeding mechanism adopts soft bottle-separating technology to make the bottle-separation smooth.


Panasonic motor, frequency converter to adjust the speed, double star wheel turntable for laying off, synchronous belt guide bottle rolling mechanical type, the price needs to be discussed.

whole set labeling machine


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