Label machine for round bottles

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Product Details

The label machine for round bottles is suitable for various round or cylinder, glass, plastic bottles etc. It is featured by high labeling precision, stable operation, neat, no bubble, no wrinkle. Label machine for round bottles is with no bottle, no labeling feature. Besides, if the label size is different, labeling can be adjustable in certain scope. The whole machine is easy to move can be matched with ribbon code printer, bottle unscrambler, turn table and inkjet printer etc.


Technical parameter

Power supplyAC220V,50HZ,1200W
Labeling capacity60m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Lable max. height205mm
Overrall measurementL2000 W1200 H1500mm
Lable paper core's inn.dia.


Lable ext.dia.Φ350mm

Features of label machine for round bottles

 1. High labeling precision, steady performance. During the labeling process, it is with no bubble and wrinkle features.

 2. It could be used for different kind of bottles, round bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, big bottle, small bottle etc.

 3. The speed of labeling, conveying and bottle distributor could be adjustable steplessly, which is convenient to adjust according the actual requirements.

 4. The machine can be used separately and also can be connected to the production line to work automatically.

 5. Sensor check: no bottle, no sticking,

 6. Automatic sticker test and adjustment function.

 7. The machine is made mainly from high quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy.

Touch screen panel

touch screen panel

Feeding label part

feeding label

labeling method 1, sponge part

sponge belt

Labeling method 2, cylinder positioning

cylinder positioning


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