label applicator for small bottles machine

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Product Details

The label applicator for small bottles machine is suitable for various cylindrical objects, especially small round bottles such as glass bottles and plastic bottles. (You can also customize the machine for cone objects). Customers can choose to add a printer or printer. It can work alone or connected to a conveyor.

Techinical Parameter

Production capacity0-150 pcs/min
Accuracy of labeling±1mm
Range of application productscuter diameter: 10-25mm
Range of application labellength: 20-100mm
width: 20-110mm
Power supply220V/380V 50/60Hz 0.63KW
Machine size (L x W x H)1820mmx750mmx1450mm

Performance and features

  1.  The label applicator for small bottles machine is suitable for marking the circumference or semicircle of small diameter cylindrical objects that are not easy to stand. Horizontal transfer to increase stability. Widely used in many industries, Such as: lipstick, oral liquid bottle, vial, ampoule, syringe bottle, test tube, battery, ham, sausage, test tube, pen, etc.

  2. Automatic photoelectric tracking, no material, no label, no standard automatic calibration, automatic label detection to prevent leakage and waste; according to the customer's production situation, you can choose stand-alone operation or can be connected to the production line.

  3. If the label applicator for small bottles machine encounters problems during the labeling process, the emergency switch can be pressed to quickly shut down the labeling system.

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