Labeling Machine For Vial Plastic Bottle

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Product Details

Labeling machine for vial plastic bottle to labelround products such as vials, atomizers, bottles, jars, cans, pens, ampoules, etc. Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality.

Technical Parameter

Labeling Accuracy


Labeling Speed


Product Specifications


Label Specification


Reference Size


Power Supply






Performance and features

1. High-speed bottle separation, low bottle breaking rate: flexible three-axis import labeling mechanism, good labeling effect and high efficiency.

2. high detection sensitivity of labeling machine for vial plastic bottle with stable performance and durability.

3. Labeling machine for vial plastic bottle with labeling technology, power saving mode, photoelectric tracking label and other functions, production management is easier.

4. Transmission-type rolling bottle device, make sure the label attached more firmly.

5. Labeling machine for vial plastic bottle adopts new vertical hopper automatic splitting structure, applying flexible bottle dividing technology and flexible coating conveying technology, effectively eliminating the bottleneck caused by the error of the bottle itself and improving stability.

whole set labeling machine

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