Pen Labeling Machine

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This pen labeling machine is fit for ampoule of pharmaceutical industry, schering bottles, oral liquid, blood vessels; Stationery such as pen, paste pen; In daily chemical industry such as lipstick, lipbalm etc small cylindrical material for the wrap aroundor part of wrap of the automatic labeling requirements.

Technical Parameter Of Pen Labeling Machine



Labeling capacity


Labeling accuracy(mm)


Label size(mm)

(L)20-100mm   (H)10-80mm

Material size(mm)

φ16-φ22mm   H 40-90mm

Roll inside(mm)


Roll outerside diameter(mm)


Power supply 

AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1500W

Features Of Pen Labeling Machine

1. Automatic photoelectric detection functions including canceling labeling without objects there and stopping running or raising an alarm without labels to use to avoid omitting or wasting labels.

2. The pen labeling machine adopts famous brand motor drive, the feeding label speed stability, reliability.

3. Pen labeling machine with wide application, adapted to various sizes of round bottles.

4. Production line is for optional,also turntable is optional for collecting,sorting and packaging.

5. Labeling speed of Pen labeling machine can up to 200 bottles / minute, saving a lot of manpower and material resource.

6. Compliance in line with GMP production requirements; solid structure and beautiful look.

7. Alarm function: such as label spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working.

whole set labeling machine

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