Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Vials

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Product Details

Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Vials is suitable for labeling the unstable cylindrical objects, such as various kinds of oral liquid bottles, ampere bottles, reagent tube, pencil, solid glue bottles, pens, lipstick, etc

Technical parameter Of Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Vials

Labeling type

Horizontal labeling for tube/vials

Label size

H10-80mm; L25-80mm

Bottle size

H30-120mm; D12-30mm

Labeling speed

1000 bpm


± 0.5mm

Label roll diameter

Outer 420mm, inner 76mm

Conveyor height

850 ± 50mm

Customized function

Feeding table, error ejector

Product Keywords

automatic eye drop bottle labeling machine

Features Of Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Vials

  1. Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Vials has PLC Touch Screen Operation: Human-computer interaction interface with operation teaching function, parameter modification intuitionistic clear, various functions switching simple.

  2. production line is for optional,also turntable is optional for collecting,sorting and packaging.

  3. Bottles of bottles broken rate is low, application of flexible points technology and flexible by standard technology, bottle labeling smoothly.

  4. Main material is made of stainless steel equipment and advanced aluminum alloy manufacturing, comply with GMP requirement.

  5. Main function: self adhesive labeling on small round bottles.

detailed of labeling machine

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