Flat Square Bottle Labeling Equipment

Product Details

The flat square bottle labeling equipment has a reasonable structure, reliable performance and simple operation with optical detection and accurate labeling. It is specifically designed for self-adhesive labeling on Square bottle, curved flat bottles, with no bubbles and high precision. Suitable for various shape of bottles/can. 


Technical parameter of flat square bottle labeling equipment

Namesemi-auto flat bottle labeling machine
Labeling speed20-35 bottles/min
Labeling length10-80mm
Labeling width10-120mm
Voltage220V 50Hz

The advantages of flat square bottle labeling equipment

1. No air bubbles, improving productivity.

2. High precision labeling.precise label peeling; the  motor drives the curved surface motion. The product positioning is accuracy.

3. Wide range of application. Multi-specification flat bottles and labels can be freely adjusted. It is easy to switch products

4. Easy to operate. Using air cylinder to push labeling platform moving up and down, automatic positioning air cylinder, the
process only need operator help putting product.

falt bottle labeling machine

bottle label

semi auto labeling machine


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