round jars sticker labeler

Product Details

The round jars sticker labeler is suitable for different size of adhesive label all kinds of round bottle. It is used in PET bottle,Plastic bottle,Glass bottle,Metal bottle and son round bottle etc.


Technical parameter

Labeling capacity(pcs/min) 15- 35PCS/min
Labeling accuracy(mm) 士1.0mm
Label size(mm) (L)20-300mm (H)20-230mm
Suitable Bottle Diameter φ10-φ150mm
Suitable Bottle Height ≤28cm
Roll inside(mm) φ76mm
Roll outside diameter(mm) φ250mm
Machine size (mm) (L)960*(W)550*(H)540(mm)
Weight 40kg
Power supply AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 250W

The features of round jars sticker labeler

1. The round jars sticker labeler is with the tension function, supply stable, fast and can also ensure the speed. 

2. The round jars sticker labeler is with microcomputer control , auto calculus , no need to adjust the photoelectric position. 

3. Labeling position is adjustable to meet the different labeling needs. 

4. The round jars sticker labeler is suitable for flat bottle, square bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle etc.

5. Label synchronous positioning system, ensure that tag location accuracy to 1 mm high positive and negative. 

6. Whole semi automatic bottle labeling machine is mainly made of stainless steel and high level aluminum alloy. The whole structure is strong and harmonious. 

semi auto labeling machine

round bottle labeling machine

semi automatic labeling machine


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