round bottles Label Sticker Machine

round bottles Label Sticker Machine (including display screen) is a semi-automatic labeling machine. It is suitable for labeling cylindrical objects of various specifications and small taper round bottles, such as xylitol, cosmetic round bottles, wine bottles, etc. It can realize full-round / half-round labeling, front and back labeling of the circumference, and the spacing between the front and back labels can be adjusted arbitrarily. Widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Product Details

Put the round bottle into the card position labeling position, manually operate the pressure lever, and touch the jog switch. Then the sensor recognizes the label, realizes the bottle turning and labeling actions, and completes the round bottles Label Sticker Machine operation process: Turn on → load the whole roll of labels into the labeling machine (winding label) → adjust all parts → check Whether it is running normally → manually put the product into the card position labeling position → manually press the operation Pole → product rotation and labeling → labeling completed. The round bottles Label Sticker Machine mainly used in pharmaceutical ,cosmetic and food industries cylindrical container of the whole circle ,positioning labeling.

Technical parameter of round bottles Label Sticker Machine



Power Supply

220V 50HZ

Label Length


Label height


Round bottle size


Bottle highly


Paper roll diameter (maximum)


Inside of paper roll


Laber speed (maximum)

20-35 pcs/min

Labeling precision


Machine size (L *W* H)


Machine Weight


Features of round bottles Label Sticker Machine:

1. The round bottles Label Sticker Machine is made of high class stainless steel and aluminum alloy using     anodizing treatment ,it will never rust, which conform to GMP requirements.

2. Specialized for cylinder or round bottle labeling ,high accurate and bubble-free on repeated labeling.

3. High-precise positioning sensors can appoint accurate labeling position at anywhere of the bottles.

4. Reciprocating air cylinder positioning mechanism can label accurately at desired location of productions.

Feeding mechanism

Feeding mechanism

Pull the backing paper to achieve peeling label. 

Detection labels electric eye

Detection labels electric eye

The standrad configuration for this labeling head is mitte groove electric eye; it is also for other label detection electric eye or object detection electric eye.



The machine can be operated by stepping on the pedal.

Round Bottle Manual Labeling Machine


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