semi automatic labeling machine

Product Details

The semi automatic labeling machine has a reasonable structure, reliable performance and simple operation with optical detection and accurate labeling. The semi automatic labeling machine is used to label the flat PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle and metal bottle. It is with high quality, good performance, long service life.


Technical specification of semi automatic labeling machine

Namesemi automatic labeling machine
Labeling speed20-35 bottles/min
Labeling length10-80mm
Labeling width10-120mm
Voltage220V 50Hz

Features of semi automatic labeling machine

1. Adhesive sticker labeling machine for plane surface is with the tension function, supply stable , fast and can also ensure the speed. 

2. The special eye , can also make sure the high accurancy of the machine. 

3. The adhesive sticker labeling machine is with microcomputer control , auto calculus , no need to adjust the photoelectric position. 

4. Labeling position is adjustable to meet the different labeling needs. 

5. Variety of specifications bottles and lid, wide range. 

6. Label synchronous positioning system, ensure that tag location accuracy to 1 mm high positive and negative. 

7. The operation is simple, anyone can all easy operation quick use equipment.

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semi auto labeling machine

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