Semi auto round bottle labeler

Product Details

The semi auto round bottle labeler is widely used in food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical care products. This semi auto round bottle labeler is with high quality, good performance, high accuracy,long service life. This machine is suitable for different size of adhesive label or adhesive film on all kinds of round bottle,round tank,round barrel to self-adhesive labeling,High accuracy and high speed.

Technical parameter of semi auto round bottle labeler

Namesemi-automatic round bottle labeling machine
Labeling speed20-35 bottles/min
Labeling  length10-190mm
Labeling width10-130mm
Voltage220V 50Hz
Diameter of botle20-180mm

The features of semi auto round bottle labeler

1. Small structure takes up less space and easy to move and load.
2. It can achieve circumferential position labeling and non-position labeling.

3. The clever design which allow user to mechanically adjust some structure combination and label winding, makes it easy to adjust the labeling position freely. 

4. Bottle positioning device: The labeling position can be determined by the bottom of the bottle.

5. Photoelectrically adjusted screw: used to adjust the photoelectric position. The photoelectric position affects the length of the out of the label.

semi auto labeling machine

round bottle labeling machine

semi automatic labeling machine


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