Square Bottle Double Sides Labeller

Square Bottle Double Sides Labeller

This is an automatic labeling machine for attaching self-adhesive or paper label on vertical round bottles, cans, jars, and other containers, widely applied in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries for packaging line. It will do these works automatically: arranging bottles → feeding labels → separated labels → sticking → rolling and pressing labels.
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square bottle double sides labeller


1. Efficiency: special designed for big stand-up round bottles, capacity can reach 3000-4000b/h
2. Easy: micro-computer & touch screen controlled, easy to operate
3. Adjustable: no-level speed control, adjustable for different bottles size and capacity
4. Precise: labels are pasted in precise right position
5. Tight: labels will be pressed more tightly on the bottle as conveying
Compatible: easy to be integrated into an automatic packing line.

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