Flat plane label machine

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Product Details

This flat plane label machine has a reasonable structure, reliable performance and simple operation with optical detection and accurate labeling. It is used to label the flat PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle and metal bottle. Flat plane label machine is with high quality, good performance, long service life.


Technical parameter

NameBottle sticker labeling machine
Labeling speed20-35 bottles/min
Labeling length10-80mm
Labeling width10-120mm
Voltage220V 50Hz

The features of flat plane label machine

1.  Powerful, this flat bottle labeling machine can be used for a variety of workpiece plane, circular surface, concave plane labeling, can be used for irregular workpiece labeling;

2.  Labeling accuracy, high stability, the use of PLC + subdivision stepper motor drive to send the standard bidder, marking accurate; discharge mechanism configuration brake function to ensure that the standard tape taut to ensure that the label detection accuracy; standard belt bypass correction mechanism to prevent Label left and right offset;
3.  Durable and durable, circuit and air separation, air conditioning equipment, to avoid air damage to electrical appliances, to extend the life of equipment; machine using advanced aluminum and stainless steel, solid quality;
4.  Easy to adjust, configure the high and low stroke adjustable function, different height of product labeling, without repeated replacement of fixture;
5.  Beautiful appearance, the use of the end of the computer white box, with stainless steel and high-grade aluminum, nice, enhance the equipment grade;

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