Sticker Labeling Machine

Product Details

Introduction of sticker labeling machine

The sensor detect the product,transmit the signal to labeling control system; after the signal has been processed by the PLC,a label is send out at an appropriate time and attach on a desired position of the container;the container go through the press plate unit,the press wheel lead the rotation of container,the label is pressed to fit smoothly, the labeling operation is finished. Use SUS304 stainless steel, etc as raw materials, adopts numerical control processing production, control components choose the international famous brand: Simens, panasonic, yaskawa, etc Stability is better, using time is longer, low repair rate.

Technical specification of sticker labeling machine

Labeling speed10-40m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label roll inner diameterΦ76.2mm
Max label roll outer diameterФ350mm
Label max width120mm
Power supply120V/60Hz, 1200W

 Features of sticker labeling machine

 1. Adopt mature PLC control system technology, make the whole machine stable and high-speed.

 2. Adopt touch screen control system, make operation simple, practical and efficient.

 3. Advanced pneumatic code system technology, make the printed letter clear, fast and stable.

 4. Wide application, adapted to various sizes of round bottles.

 5. Roll extrusion bottle, so the labels attached more solid

 6. Production line is for optional , also turntable is optional for collecting, sorting and packaging

Video of sticker labeling machine