Vial Labeling Machine

Vial Labeling Machine

The machine is widely used in cosmetics , food , medicine , daily chemicals , electronics , toys , hardware , plastics and other industries.Can satisfy the pharmaceutical industry ampoule bottle, cillin bottle, oral liquid bottle.Stationery such as a pen, paste pen.Labeling requirements for small cylindrical materials such as lipstick and lipstick in daily chemical industry.
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vial labeling machine


1. Touch screen operation: the man-machine interface has the function of operation instruction, the parameter modification is intuitionistic, and the switching of various functions is simple.

2. Intelligent control: automatic optoelectronic tracking, with no marking, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to prevent leakage and label waste.

3. Simple and flexible: can be single machine production or pipeline production, production site layout is simple; freedom adjustable base, the conversion between different products become simple, save time.

4. Sturdy and hygienic: adopt three-bar adjusting mechanism, make full use of triangle stability, use stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy manufacture, the whole machine is firm and durable, accord with GMP production requirement.

Applicable label length (mm) 20mm ~ 80mm
Applicable label width (backing paper width / mm) 20mm ~ 100mm

Applicable product size (length × width × height / thickness)diameter and Height

10-30mm, 30mm ~ 280mm
Applicable standard roll outer diameter (mm)
Applicable standard inner diameter (mm) φ76mm
Labeling accuracy (mm) ±1.0mm
Marking speed (m/min) 5~19m/min
Labeling speed (pcs/min)  30~160pcs/min
Conveying speed (m/min) 16m/min
Weight (kg) about 250kg
Equipment dimensions (mm), (length × width × height) 2000mm×1450mm×1600mm


Unwinding mechanism
It uses the roller label. The mechanism will unwinding when the machine is operation.
--Appliction of label: adhesive label, dry glue film, electronic supervision code, bar code and so on.
--Application of product: Products required to attach labels or films on a flat , large arc surface