Wax Crayons Labeling Machine

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Product Details

The sensor detects of wax crayons labeling machine the product and sends the return signal to the control label system. After the PLC signal is processed, the label attached to the product is transferred to the set position at the appropriate time. The product flows through the cover label, label, and coated solid. The label pasted to the operation is complete.

Technical parameter

Production capacity0-150 pcs/min
Accuracy of labeling±1mm
Range of application productscuter diameter: 10-25mm
Range of application labellength: 20-100mm
width: 20-110mm
Power supply220V/380V 50/60Hz 0.63KW
Machine size (L x W x H)1820mmx750mmx1450mm

Performance and features

  1. Wax crayons labeling machine with container is used for bottle feeding, with high work efficiency, saving labor and space.

  2. It is mainly used for automatically pasting self-adhesive labels on circular products, which can be adjusted and adjusted according to the product size.

  3. Touch screen operation interface, Chinese and English comments and complete fault prompts, various parameters can be adjusted quickly and easily, and the operation is simple.

  4. Horizontal transmission,  rubbing way labeling(Let the product lie down, then labeling), to meet the small diameter products, large output, high speed labeling needs.

  5. Wax crayons labeling machine with plc control to control whole machine.

whole set labeling machine

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