500 Liter Mixing Tank

The 500 Liter Mixing Tank combines mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling, pump discharge finished products and defoaming (optional) functions. It is the ideal equipment for liquid products in factory.
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Product Details

The 500 Liter Mixing Tank is mainly used in liquid products, such as detergent, shampoo, body gel, etc.). There are many types of mixing machine, which can be flexibly configured into various production lines according to the user's production scale and process requirements. For example, by adding the corresponding pre-dissolving pot, cooling pot, delivery pump, etc., the user's production efficiency and energy saving Consume.


Technical parameter

Mixing Motor Power

Power: 4-5kw

Brand: SIEMENS brand

Frequency converter

Rotation speed: 0-65rpm

Brand: Delixi

Bottom Homogenizer

Power: 5.5-7.5kw

Frequency converter

Rotation speed: 0-3500rpm

Automatic water metering and inlet device(optional)

Automatic water metering instrument

Water pump power: 0.37kw(can optional)

Heating Power


Automatic pump discharge method

Power: 2.2-3kw

OtherEquipped with platform ,electric panel,ladder,handrail

Performance and features

1. This 500 Liter Mixing Tank is 3 layers because it is with heating and cooling function; it can be steam heating or electric heating

2. The lid of this 500 Liter Mixing Tank is half open, it is easy to feed material in it.

3. The 500 Liter Mixing Tank is mainly used for melting and mixing materials. The materials are slowly stirred by the stirring blades in the 500 Liter Mixing Tank. As the temperature in the pot rises, the materials are slowly mixed and melted together. When the material mixing time reaches the requirements of the process standard, the mixing stops, and the bottom valve is opened to discharge. The operation is convenient and simple, and the equipment performance is reliable.


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