Liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank

Product Details

Liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank(reaction mixing tank) is an vital equipment in daily chemical industry. It is appropriate for mixing different materials, such as the industrial production of liquid detergent ,shampoo ,bath liquid ,shower gel, liquid soap ,laundry detergent  ,mucus etc.


Technical parameter of  Liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank

JT-500 Liter Mixer Homogenizer (volume is 20L~5000L)
Volume500 Liter (as per the above picture)
Mixertop wall-scraper mixer 0-60RPM
Homogenizerbottom homogenizer 0-3000RPM
Heatingsteam heating or electric heating optional
Applicationproduction of shampoo, hair conditioner, body shower, gel or other liquid products

Characteristic of Liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank

1. The mixing system

 of liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank adopts advanced Panasonic frequency convertor, which is appropriate for the production of different technological requirements .

2. The liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank can heat or cool the materials .

3. The liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank material is 316l 304l stainless steel .

4. The liquid wash homogeneous mixer tank motor is siemens motor .

liquid mixing tank with platfrom

Whole set mixing tank with stairs, operation panel.

button control panel

Button control panel

homogenizer and mixing scraper

H omogenizer and Mixer paddle

SUS316L materials with frame mixing blade with scraper.

If product with alcohol materials, the control system must be equipped with anti-explosive function.

combined liquid mixing tank

Combination tanks


It is suitable for making Hair Gel , shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, cold sun cream, facial cleanser, nutrition dense, detergent, shampoo, hair cream, conditioner, serum, moisturizing cream, hand cream and so on.


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