mixing machine for making detergent

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Product Details

This mixing machine for making detergent is used for manufacturing all kinds of liquid products, such as shampoo, liquid soap, washing detergent, lotion, shower gel, juice and so on.

Whole set mixing tank with high speed homogenizer and slow speed paddle mixing, and the speed of homogenizer and paddle mixing is can control. Usually, many customers choose this mixing machine to make detergent. And please note that this mixing machine with heating and cooling features, and when you need to heat or cool the materials, you can open these functions, if you don't need these function, it can close also, so this mixing tank is very convient and good to make detergent.


Technical parameter

SpecificationVolumeBlending powerBlending rotation speedHomogenizing powerHomogenizing rotation speed



JT-200 2001.5 0-65   3000 

Steam heating


electric heating  

JT-500 500 2.20-65  4  3000 
JT-1000 1000 2.2-40-65  7.5  3000 
JT-1500 1500 4-5.50-65  11  3000 
JT-2000 2000 5.50-65  11  3000 
JT-3000 3000 7.50-65  15  3000 
JT-5000 5000 110-65  22  3000 

Performance and features

1. Main function: The homogenizing mixer including mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling, discharging. It is the ideal machine for liquid detergent.

2. Outlet link with pipe and empty the tank easy. The mixing machine for making detergent with small frame platform for feeding, it will be convenient to check the condition inside the tank easier.

3. If the detergent you make is too viscosity, add diaphragm pump is easy to put put the finished detergent from the tank.

4. The stainless steel control broad can fully control whole mixing machine for making detergent.

5. The top motor is mixing motor, and the bottom motor is bottom homogenizer or can be disperser according to your needs.

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