Industrial Liquid Mixer Machine

Electronic heating mixing tank for gel, industrial soap mixer machine High Shear Mixer Industrial Blender machine For Detergent Shampoo Shower Dish Washing Liquid Soap Detergent Technical Parameter Performance & feature: High speed disperser .might mixing and disperse viscously. Solid and...
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Product Details

Industrial Liquid Mixer Machine is suitable for the production of various kinds of shampoo, lotion, liquid soap and detergent etc. liquid washing products in cosmetic factory and pharmaceutical factory.

Technical parameter

Capacity: 100-5000L(can be customerized)
Mixing Power: 0.75-15KW
Mixing Speed: 0-60 (R/MIN)
Homogenizing power: 2.2-22 KW
Homogenizing speed: 3000 (R/MIN)
Heating Mode: Steam heating or electric heating (optional)

Detergent body wash shower gel shower cream liquid soap shampoo mixing making machine


1, Hydraulic lifting 

2, capacity: 5-3000L 

3, Material touch part is SS316

There is advanced scraper blending machine in Industrial Liquid Mixer Machine, with the working of eccentricity, the PTPE (F4) composite plate touch the boiler correctly and solve the problem of sticking materials. The ideal stepless speed adjustment device can adjust rotation within 0-60rpm willingly.

PMC blending reacting  boiler is mainly suitable for preparation of liquid detergents(such as cleanser essence,shampoo and shower cream etc)

The homogenization function is generally divided into upper homogenization, bottom homogenization, internal and external circulation homogenization (according to the production

process selection).

The stirring function is generally divided into one - way frame scraper stirring, two - way frame scraper stirring.

Mixing evenly, adopt imported frequency converter to adjust speed evenly, in order to meet the requirements of different production technology.

German technology has uniform structure, customizable speed and maximum shear fineness up to 2um-5um.

The pot body adopts three layers of stainless steel structure, mirror polished, fully in line with GMP requirements.

Open cover type, easy to feed and clean.

liquid mixing tank with platfrom

Whole set mixing tank with stairs, operation panel.

button control panel

Button control panel

homogenizer and mixing scraper

H omogenizer and Mixer paddle

SUS316L materials with frame mixing blade with scraper.

combined liquid mixing tank

Combination tanks

If the product you make is different, the combination tanks is for choose. In this way, the cleaning of the machine is more convenient, and there will be no residue of another product.


It is suitable for making skin care cream, shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, cold sun cream, facial cleanser, nutrition dense, detergent, shampoo, hair cream, conditioner, serum, moisturizing cream, hand cream and so on.


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