Liquid Detergent Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

Apply to: The reaction pot is an ideal equipment for mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, heating, cooling, circulating and pumping Performance and features: High speed dispersing device, strong mixing dispersing viscous, solid liquid material; The main mixing adopts stepless variable speed device...

Product Details

stanless steel mixing tank is used in the mixing, dispersing, dissoling, emulsification, dissolution, reaction, formulating, heating, cooling, warm-keeping, cultivating, disinfecting and storage etc. Different types of blades and relevant speed achieve the production condition.

Emulsified tanks are widely used in the production of food, cosmetics, biological pharmaceuticals, beverages, gelatin and other industrial products, especially for emulsifying materials with large matrix viscosity and high solid content. By mixing and emulsifying the materials, the production efficiency and material quality are improved.

Technical parameter

Capacity: 100-5000L(can be customerized)
Mixing Power: 0.75-15KW
Mixing Speed: 0-60 (R/MIN)
Homogenizing power: 2.2-22 KW
Homogenizing speed: 3000 (R/MIN)
Heating Mode: Steam heating or electric heating (optional)


High speed dispersing device, strong mixing dispersing viscous, solid liquid material;The main mixing adopts stepless variable speed device to reduce the bubble formation at low temperature and high viscosity.Gear pump circulation discharging device, can speed up the product forming and rapid discharging.

liquid mixing tank with platfrom

Whole set mixing tank with stairs, operation panel.

button control panel

Button control panel

homogenizer and mixing scraper

H omogenizer and Mixer paddle

SUS316L materials with frame mixing blade with scraper.

combined liquid mixing tank

Combination tanks


For making detergent shampoo mixing machine used in the production of shampoo, hair cream, conditioner, etc.Liquid Soap Mixing Tank with Agitator  is available for manufacturing liquid products(such as detergent, cosmetic, shampoo, shower gel, etc. )


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