Homogenizer Mixing tank Machine

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Introduction of  Homogenizer Mixing tank Machine

Homogenizer Mixing tank Machine is suitable for manufacturing various liquid products (such as detergent, shampoo, shower gel etc).

  It integrates mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling, pump discharge finished products and defoaming (optional) functions.

  It is the ideal equipment for liquid products in domestic and international factories.  

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Technical parameter Of Homogenizer Mixing tank Machine

* If heating needed,the material will be inner layer,SUS316L,middle layer,SUS201,outter layer,SUS304

mixer motor1.1-122kw
homogenizer motor1.1-300kw
mixing motor speed0-63RPM
homogenizer speed2880RPM
heatingwith or without
Features of  Homogenizer Mixing tank Machine

1. High speed disperser.

It may mix and disperse viscous, solid and liquid substances.

Shorten the production cycle.

2. The host machine adopts stepless speed regulating device, which reduces the bubbles generated in low temperature and high viscosity conditions and reduces the formation of bubbles.

Production of lotions, shampoos, lotions and various low viscosity products 4.

The finished product can be vented through a disc valve or be suitable for all liquid washing products.

3.The blending system adopts single-direction or double-direction wall scraping blending and frequency converter for speed adjustment to satisfy production of high quality products according to customer requirements.

4. The equipment can be made of carbon steel (iron), 304 acid and alkali resistant stainless steel, 316L acid and alkali resistant stainless steel, PE plastic material and other materials according to the process requirements of the user's products.

5. Heating and cooling devices can be designed to meet the needs of different processes and production.

The heating forms include direct heating tube, clamp - jacket electric heating and coil heating.

Cooling is generally water cooling.

Heating medium has heat conduction oil, steam, water and so on.

6. The stirring blades are of frame type, one-word type and dispersive disc style (the forms of stirring blades: frame type, anchor type, blade type, turbine type, etc., according to the technological requirements).

liquid mixing tank with platfrom

Whole set mixing tank with stairs, operation panel.

button control panel

Button control panel

homogenizer and mixing scraper

H omogenizer and Mixer paddle

SUS316L materials with frame mixing blade with scraper.

combined liquid mixing tank

Combination tanks

If the product you make is different, the combination tanks is for choose. In this way, the cleaning of the machine is more convenient, and there will be no residue of another product.


It is suitable for making skin care cream, shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, cold sun cream, facial cleanser, nutrition dense, detergent, shampoo, hair cream, conditioner, serum, moisturizing cream, hand cream and so on.


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