liquid mixing sus316 tank

The detergent mixing machine is made of high quality stainless steel. It is widely used in chemical, paint, lotion, detergent, cosmetic industries and so on. It is composed of main tank(with combined tank optional), motor, control panel, platform etc.
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Product Details

The description of detergent mixing machine

China supplier new product Jacket Mixer,Stainless Steel shampoo Mixing Tank and liquid mixing sus316 tank ,liquid soap making machine Suitable for mixing different materials. Such as the production of laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel, mucus mixed with each other, dissolved, mixed evenly. Set heating, stirring, homogenization, temperature control, cooling and other functions in one.

Technical parameter

Material:                                           SS304/316L
Surface:                                            Mirror Polish, Sand Blasting, Wire drawing
Usage:                                              Mix liquid
Speed:                                              0-100r/m
Function:                                           Blending
Payment:                                           T/T, Western Union
Capacity :                                           50-20000L
Heating method:                                 Electric heating, Steam heating
Package:                                            wooden cases
Structure:                                           the Single layer or three layers

Detailed pictures

Liquid mixer is suitable for food, glue, paint, ink and other chemical raw materials.

◎ liquid mixer, liquid mixing bucket, heating liquid mixer, liquid mixer is our company in the industry oil pressure lifting mixer based on the development and design of an improved practical mixer, function better and more practical;

◎ liquid mixing motor adopts dongguan dongguan ball brand motor.Power 4KW- 30KW, 380V, level 4!0-1400 RPM can be set freely according to the production situation;

◎ liquid mixing shaft using stainless steel material!The stirring blade is made of 304 stainless steel.

◎ stirring blade using CNC wire cutting stamping processing!Impeller evenly distributed!Angle by scientific design!Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and no rust, and has anti-loosening device;

◎ this machine has high efficiency, energy-saving design, equipped with thermal protection device, it will not burn up because of overload.

◎ it has self-cooling effect, can be used in high temperature, 24 hours continuous use, no heat, no sparks, can be used in dust, humidity, bad environment.


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