heated stainless steel mixing tanks

The stainless steel mixing tank with agitator machine includes multi-stirring paddle and frame type scraping wall stirring paddle or other combination forms, and can also be equipped with AES disperser or homogenizer according to user requirements.

Product Details

The heated stainless steel mixing tanks mainly suitable for mixing and stirring of different materials, intermixing of mucus, dissolution, uniform mixing, etc. The heated stainless steel mixing tanks in various industries and equipped with variable frequency speed regulation wall scraping stirring, high shear homogeneous emulsification, steam heating Cooling, electric control, temperature control, operating platform and other functions in one, is the ideal equipment for liquid products. There are many types of heated stainless steel mixing tanks, which can be flexibly configured into various production lines according to the user's production scale and process requirements. For example, by adding the corresponding pre-dissolving pot, cooling pot, delivery pump, etc., the user's production efficiency and energy saving Consume.

Technical parameter




Mixing Power


Mixing Speed


Homogenizer Power (KW)Homogenizer Speed (r/min)Heating Method
JT-100L1000.750~651.50~3500steam heating or electric heating optional

Performance and features

1. This heated stainless steel mixing tanks is 3 layers because it is with heating and cooling function; it can be steam heating or electric heating.

2. Inside the heated stainless steel mixing tanks, there are paddle mixer and homogenizer, paddle mixer is connect with motor and reducer above the lid, the speed of paddle mixer can adjust from 0-60 rpm by the frequency converter which is in the control cabinet.

3. The homogenizer is in the bottom of heated stainless steel mixing tanks, it is connect with the motor under the heated stainless steel mixing tanks, and the speed can adjust from 0-3000 rpm by the frequency converter. It is high shear to the material, make a better mixing effect.

4. When the material enters the heated stainless steel mixing tanks, it is stirred by the adjustable variable speed blades in the tank, so that the materials are fully mixed and stirred evenly. While stirring, the material is heated or cooled by electric heating in the jacket. And can set a specific temperature, when the temperature reaches the required requirements, the heating device automatically stops heating, when below the set temperature, the heating device automatically warms up.


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