Liquid Dishwashing Mixer Machine

Liquid Dishwashing Mixer Machine

Detergent mixing machine main adopts stepless timing device which reduce babble occur under low temperature and high viscosity condition less air bubble will be formed to produce liquid washing products, like shampoo, liquid soap, bath shower, dish washing, hand washing, lubricating oil, etc.
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Liquid Dishwashing Mixer machine


1. SUS316 material to make contact with some of the products comply with GMP requirements.

2. High-speed disperser (homogenizer) strongly mixed decentralized thick, solid, liquid, The production of the material in the liquid detergent can quickly dissolve AES, AESA, LSA and other insoluble Materials, save energy shorten the production cycle.

3.discharge gear pump cycle device, can accelerate quickly out of shape and material.

4. scraped wall mixing, ready to cater to the shape of stirred tank off, sweep the pot wall sticky material.

5. pot and the pipe surface mirror polishing.

(Note: According to the characteristics of your production process requirements, the design of different washing liquid Polyester production line.

Technical parameter:


Noted: the volume of the tank we can customized

Detailed Pictures: